Rest Home Care

Shalom Court offers purpose-built rooms, providing comfortable, rest home care for seniors who require more attentive care than they might receive in their own home or a retirement village. Meals, activities and personal care are provided, a hairdresser is on hand every six weeks, and a registered nurse is in charge at all times.

Professional, personalised care

Through our three pillars of commitment, care and comfort, we support our residents to live as independently as they can, with medical and pastoral care on hand if they need it. Residents are encouraged to make their living space feel ‘like home’, to pursue interests and activities, and to live as full a life as possible.

The comforts of home

All of our rest home rooms are premium rooms with a full private en-suite bathroom, walk-in or built in wardrobe and heating. Their generous size means residents can bring a selection of furniture, mementos and personal items to help them feel more ‘at home’ in their new home.

Enabling fullness of life

We encourage our residents to pursue their interests and continue to live a varied and enjoyable life – safe in the knowledge that they have a comfortable and secure home, with meals, activities and their personal needs taken care of.

What does it cost?

Our premium charge ranges from $44 to $50 per day, inclusive of GST, depending on the size of the room and the level of care required.

Spike (a parrot) has been my constant companion for many years and I couldn’t bear to move without him. Shalom Court was happy to have the both of us and I’ve never looked back.


Commonly asked questions?

It depends how long you wish to wait. When a room becomes vacant, they tend to be snapped up quickly. All rooms at Shalom Court are premium rooms with their own ensuite bathroom, so please contact us if you’d like to go on a waiting list.

Shalom Court was originally established for members of the Jewish community, but today we welcome seniors of all denominations, cultures and beliefs.

Yes, it is possible to bring your pet if they are suitable and house-trained. Let us know if you’d like to discuss this further.

Yes, of course. Visiting hours are Monday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm, but exceptions can be made

Yes, we provide a changing menu every week, so residents can choose the meals they’d like from each menu. Meals are freshly prepared in-house using nutritious, seasonal ingredients.

Resident car parking is available but visitor parking is limited inside the facility. As an alternative, you can park along the road where there are no parking restrictions.

A day in the life of our rest home residents

No two days are the same at Shalom Court, but here’s a taster of our residents’ daily routines – a balanced mix of activities, get-togethers and ‘me-time’. 

Breakfast time

Most residents choose to have breakfast in their room and get ready for the day at their leisure. Our caregivers provide support where needed, give medications and take care of any other needs so the resident is ready for the day ahead.

Morning exercise

Regular exercise is part of daily life at Shalom Court. Either our physiotherapist or activities therapist runs a strength-based exercise programme each day to ensure residents stay mobile and moving!

Morning tea

It’s time for a cuppa and a mid-morning treat – freshly baked scones are a popular choice. Residents can enjoy morning tea in their rooms if they wish, or we encourage them to gather in one of our lounges.

Hobbies & activities

Following lunch and a short rest, residents can choose to keep up with their hobbies or enjoy an afternoon activity, from art to knitting to a friendly game. Our hairdresser visits every six weeks, which is always a lovely treat.

Special celebrations

Whether it’s a birthday, a Jewish celebration or those of other denominations, cultural celebrations are an important part of life at Shalom Court. Few days go by without a celebration or special occasion of some sort!

Dinner and social time

Dinner is a time to catch up with other residents, enjoy a home-cooked meal and relax for the evening. Residents set their own bedtime and if they need some help getting prepared for bed, it’s always on hand.

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