Shalom Court – for exceptional care, commitment and comfort.

With a vision of enriching the lives of seniors looking for more attentive care, Shalom Court is a boutique, 26-bed rest home and hospital providing personalised, premium care.

As a non-profit, charitable society, we specialise in caring for older people whose health is starting to decline and who desire or require a higher level of support and care than they may be receiving in their own home or in a retirement village.

Our staff are highly trained and committed, here to help our residents to live the best lives they can, with dignity, compassion and comfort.

A faith-based community for all faiths.

Shalom Court was established in 1969 as Auckland’s first dedicated Jewish aged care facility. Today, while we’re proud of our heritage and our continued commitment to faith-based care, we welcome all New Zealanders and respect other cultures and beliefs alongside our Jewish faith.

I enjoy the fact that Jewish faith is celebrated, but there are all denominations here and I’ve met some lovely people and am making some wonderful new friends.


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Our vision

We are proud of our Jewish heritage and our continued commitment to faith-based care.

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Our mission

As a non-profit organisation, fulfilling the needs of our residents through personalised, specialist care is our top priority.

Our values


We are proud of our Jewish heritage and our continued commitment to faith-based care.


As a non-profit organisation, fulfilling the needs of our residents through personalised, specialist care is our top priority.


We welcome all New Zealanders and acknowledge other cultures and beliefs alongside our Jewish faith.

Attentive care

Specialising in rest home and hospital level care, we understand the importance of delivering attentive, individual care to older people that nurtures all aspects of their wellbeing.

Our customs and festivals

Among the many events and celebrations held at Shalom Court, we celebrate a number Jewish customs and festivals, including:


Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday nights, through to sunset on Saturday evenings. We celebrate this important custom with a festive three-course dinner, candle-lighting and special bread (known as Challah). A volunteer from the Jewish community usually leads traditional prayers, and explains the custom to residents of other faiths.

Jewish festivals

There are many Jewish festivals held throughout the calendar year. These dates vary each year, with each festival acknowledged and celebrated according to the customs.

Passover occurs usually in April each year and special unleavened bread (matzo) is eaten, as well as a hearty lunch and dinner. Other festivals include Hannukah (festival of lights) in early December, Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year, usually late September/early October), as well as Yom Kippur (day of atonement), Succot (harvest festival), and more. Each festival is explained to the residents and celebrated accordingly, led by volunteers from the Jewish community.

Our history

Founded in 1969, Shalom Court has been built upon the commitment, generosity and tireless support of Jewish families and individuals. From this strong foundation, we’ve been able to deliver specialist, faith-based care and modern, comfortable facilities for over 50 years – and we look forward to continuing this tradition into the future.


Auckland Friends of the Jewish Aged Incorporated Society is formed “to establish a home for elderly Jewish people in Auckland”.


In August 1976, the committee agrees to purchase a section at 169A St Johns Rd with financial support from the Northern Masonic Trust Board.


Building of the first four units commences, with then Mayor Dove-Meyer Robinson officiating at the opening later that year.


20 self-contained retirement units are built by this time, of which 14 “cottages” remain today.


With support from the families of the late Philipp and Lisa Hubner, six rest home rooms and service facilities are constructed in Philipp House.


Thanks to the generosity of the estate of the late Sir Woolf Fisher, a further eight rooms are added in the wing named after him.


Albert House, an old bungalow with a long and colourful history, is removed to allow for the development of a purpose built hospital wing.


Albert House, a new 12-bedroom facility is officially opened by Sir David Levene in April, in memory of Shalom Court’s founder, the late Lionel Albert.


Shalom Court celebrates a very important milestone: 50 years of providing excellence in care to older people in our community.


Shalom Court refreshes our brand to reflect our long-held commitment to delivering attentive, high quality care that enhances our residents’ quality of life.

Our people

Our Trust Board

Anna Nathan
Jack Porus
Matthew Ross

Our Shalom Court Board

George Erdos
Chris Harris
Esther Haver
Adele Hirsh
Board Secretary
Inger Kronquist
Judi Lubetzky – Resident Advocate - Shalom Court Board
Judi Lubetzky
Resident Advocate
Louise Vidak
Louise Vidak

Our staff

Esther Haver, Chair
Marlene Marais, Nurse Manager
Michal Aharony, Office Adminstrator

Our amazing volunteers

Around 30 volunteers contribute daily to our residents’ wellbeing in so many ways. Our wonderful volunteers include board members of the Trust Board and Shalom Court Board as well as other talented individuals who assist with:

  • Welcoming residents, celebrating birthdays, catering for and celebrating Jewish festivals and other cultural important occasions
  • Attending monthly Happy Hours with the residents
  • Organising floral arrangements and plant care throughout the facility
  • Fundraising for capital purchases and improvement
  • Communicating with Society members through a quarterly newsletter
  • Networking with Jewish and secular community organisations
  • Hosting private functions
  • Attending NZACA branch and aged care related meetings and seminars
  •  Organising the 7-day a week resident activity programme 
  • Chairing the monthly resident meeting  
  • Arranging the Friday night Sabbath service

Our thanks to our volunteers for the generous commitment of your time, energy and skills – we couldn’t maintain our high levels of care and comfort without you.

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If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please get in touch.